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Door to Door Delivery - Are you moving across town? Down the block? Our professional Piano Movers will load, blanket wrap and secure your instrument onto our truck so that it won't shift or move around, then deliver it to its final destination. Our truck is equipped with a hydraulic lift.

Room Moves - Do you need your piano moved within your home? Whether you are getting new flooring or just want to relocate it, give our office a call for a room move.

On Site Move - Are you a School, Church or an Institution needing your Piano or Organ moved on site? San Diego Piano Movers can move your instrument (s) from class to class or building to building. On or off a stage, altar, or platform.

Truck or Pod Move - Are you new to town? Let our experienced Piano Movers unload and place your piano into your new home. Are you moving out of our coverage area or out of State? San Diego Piano Movers can load and secure your piano onto your moving truck for safe transport.

Up or Down Stairs - San Diego Piano Movers is very experienced with stair jobs.

Crane Jobs - Some Pianos just won't make it up or down stairs. In this situation, a crane may be needed. San Diego Piano Movers has worked with the same Crane Operator for many years. (Don't forget - if your piano had to be craned in, when you move it will need to be craned out).

Look See - On difficult jobs, our Piano Movers may need to look and assess your situation. (Minimal fee).

Piano Storage - Whether you need you Piano stored for a week or several years, San Diego Piano Movers provides temperature controlled storage. The only thing we store are pianos. Our storage facility is safe and secure. The windows are covered so that it is dark, no light comes in (unless we are bringing in a piano or taking one out). The Grand Pianos are all wrapped and stored on their side (on a carpeted piano board). We shrink wrap to ensure that your piano is returned in the same condition it was picked up.
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